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Providing HR Management Tailored To Your Needs

Our HR advisory services provide practical advice on all aspects of human resources management. The HR Consultants at CA&A can assist you with all of your company's human resource needs. We offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions to help companies comply with HR regulations.


It is inevitable for managers to have to deal with disciplinary issues and grievances in the course of running their organizations on a daily basis. Various types of employee grievances may arise, including requests for flexible scheduling and complaints concerning workplace behaviour. With our end-to-end disciplinary process, we handle the entire process from investigation to hearing, and we will inform you of the outcome regularly so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Our Key Areas of Expertise Include: 


  • Employee Disciplinary

  • Employee Grievance

  • Employee Performance

  • Employee Absence

  • Misconduct Investigation

  • Investigation Outcome Documentation

  • And More



When employers are excited to hire new employees or expand their organizations, a common oversight is having the proper employment contracts, policies, employee handbooks, termination letters and procedures in place. The organization's responsibility is to ensure that all necessary procedures comply with the current legislative requirements. Our team of experts works with you to ensure that you and your employees are protected today and in the future by reviewing your current practices and recommending simple solutions. You may need to introduce supplementary documents as your business grows or update your existing ones. In addition to reviewing and updating your current policies, we can provide additional templates for areas in which your business is not currently protected.

Our Key Areas of Expertise Include:  

  • HR Audit

  • Policies & Diligence 

  • Pay Equity Compliance 

  • Terminations & Layoffs 

  • Employment Contracts 

  • Workplace Health & Safety Compliance 

  • Employee Handbook 

  • And More



In a busy work environment, managing the performance of your employees can seem tedious, mainly when everyone is occupied with their day-to-day responsibilities. By linking employee performance to organizational objectives, employee performance management can enhance employee engagement by motivating them to achieve the organization's strategic goals. Also, with an effective employee performance management process, the organization may be able to identify and develop its most promising talent, clarify training needs, determine succession strategies, and make objective decisions regarding employee compensation and internal staffing.

Our Key Areas of Expertise Include: 

  • Performance Appraisal 

  • Soft & Hard Skills Development

  • Onboarding Planning 

  • Employee Career Development

  • Training for Managers

  • Executive Coaching

  • And More



Any organization's human resources department is concerned with hiring and retaining the most competent and talented employees. For an employee to be satisfied at work, compensation and benefits are essential since they directly impact their performance and motivation. It is critical to remember that compensation encompasses both salary, direct & indirect rewards and benefits provided to employees in exchange for their contributions to the organization.

Our Key Areas of Expertise Include: 

  • Establishing a salary structure

  • Developing incentive plans

  • Evaluation of job performance

  • Developing and maintaining pay equity

  • Analyzing external compensation benchmarks

  • Implementing meaningful recognition programs at the individual level

  • And More 

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