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With our internship program, we hope to give students with talent a real opportunity to work in our company. We are committed to providing you with the support you need in order to complete your internship successfully. It will be the focus of the internship to complete a major project with clear objectives and deliverables.


Throughout the year, our internship program is available. Applicants must be enrolled in a fully accredited AEC program for the duration of the internship.


In light of the large volume of applications received, the CA&A Internship Office is not able to respond individually to each application. As a result, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interviews. Should you not hear from the hiring team within three months after submitting your application, you can assume that your application was not considered.

Career Consultation For Interns

Do you need assistance to achieve your life objectives? Interns often jump into the labour market during or after their internships without knowing what they are looking for, and many are confused and lost. That is why we offer a career consultation service catered to international students. Our coaching services use a variety of communication skills to provide the tools you need to succeed.

We provide in-depth career counselling for international students seeking further career guidance. A career counsellor may be able to help you see your career goals and career aspirations from an entirely new perspective. A consultant who genuinely cares about your career can help if you're feeling anxious, confused, or frustrated about your current path or want to discuss what could be preventing you from achieving the success you want. Consultations can take place anywhere, from the comfort of your own home to in the comfort of your car.

In a career counselling session, the counsellor helps a person identify their skills and strengths, considers their education level, provides advice about continuing education, and determines their interests and personality type. The counsellor may also administer an IQ test or an aptitude test.

Our career counselling sessions may cover the following topics:

  • Specific skills or talents. How can they be applied to a career?

  • The level of education needed for various careers.

  • Various careers' earnings potential.

  • Working conditions on a daily basis. Some people can succeed more successfully in a fast-paced or outdoor environment while others enjoy working in an office.

  • Having the chance to change careers or advance in one's career. Flexibility differs from career to career. For example, doctors and lawyers may change their focus or area of specialization, but will generally remain lawyers and doctors. Other career paths and educational paths may offer more mobility among positions within a given field.

  • What is required for the desired career path?


  • Tools for personal branding and self-assessment

  • Podcasts & webinars for job seekers

  • Applying online and preparing for interviews

  • Using DIY resume tools (optional written CV)

  • Tips for interviews and recruitment

  • coaching sessions optional

  • Develop a detailed understanding of your strengths & abilities

  • Decide on your career or job options

  • Plan your career or job search strategically

  • Cover letter(s) and resume at the professional level

  • Analyze your LinkedIn profile and bio

  • Network with Recruiters, work with them

  • Strive to negotiate a good job offer


Our prices starts at $999.00.

***Please note that this consultation is not a part of your internship program. This service is sold separately.

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