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Our company is exceptionally proud of its expansion and hiring in Bangladesh

Chowdhury Aktar & Associates is a long-standing firm with extensive consulting expertise. The company began as a two-person enterprise in Montreal, Quebec, and has now grown to over 80 creative individuals and eight locations around the country, with the headquarters in Quebec and others in Toronto, Barrie, and other cities. It is a management consulting organization that offers a wide variety of services, including HR, registration and incorporation, accounting, finance, and legal. They are now planning to grow in Bangladesh as well. As a Bangladeshi-owned business, generating jobs for the people back home in the neighborhood felt imperative by the owners.

The company was established in 2016 as a career consulting service that assisted immigrants in integrating into the Canadian labor market. They assisted them in preparing resumes, practicing interviews, pay negotiations, and adjusting to the Canadian way of life. Mehran Chowdhury, one of the partners, explained that his mother's struggle to find work in the Canadian job market motivated him to open this firm. As the market shifted later in 2018, the firm chose to adjust its offerings. As a result, in late 2018, it shifted its focus and became a recruiting business. They fared exceptionally well in that field. When Covid-19 arrived in 2020, we, like other businesses, had to reconsider everything. It decided to restructure again by summer 2020. It grew into a full-fledged management consulting organization. The company's major goal is to assist its clients in growing while also saving them money. It was recognized by Clutch, the premier ratings and reviews site for IT, marketing, and business service providers, as:

Top Recruiting Firm, Canada 2020

Top HR Services, North America 2020

Top HR Consultants, North America 2020

Top Corporate Tax Accounting Firm 2022

Senior Managing Partner Mehran Chowdhury further added, "As a result of months of preparation and hard work, we have now hired our first permanent staff member from Bangladesh. Over the coming months, we will be hiring and assembling an entire team of marketing, sales, human resources, business development, administration, graphic designers, and programmers to assist us in our expansion. In addition, we are planning to open a branch in Dhaka at the beginning of 2023. Our company is exceptionally proud of its expansion and hiring in Bangladesh. This is an extraordinary experience for me as a Bangladeshi since I get the opportunity to collaborate with people from my country and community."

The firm is now focusing on Dhaka, the country's capital. Based on how the expansion goes, it will look at additional locations around the country in the following 12 to 24 months.

It now has three employees in Bangladesh, with plans to hire more in the future months from fields such as Human Resources, Programming, Sales, Administration, and Management.

The company's team in Canada and the team in Bangladesh will collaborate on the operation assuring quality maintenance and is hopeful of their success in this expansion.

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